How does Third Party Manufacturing Work ?

Contract Label Manufacturing or Third Party Manufacturing is a unique opportunity in pharmaceutical business to ensure product quality and Packaging whilst maximising profit margins.

As the name suggests, third party manufacturing works in a way that a client decides to get their product manufactured from a company in their own brand name, taking care of marketing, inventory, sales and storage at their own end. Mentioning inventory becomes important because every product manufactured in contract manufacturing or third party manufacturing comes with a minimum order quantity.

Why Choose Zylig Lifesciences for Third Party Manufacturing ?

Wide Product Range, At Zylig Lifesciences, we have approval for more than 15000 compositions which include tablets, injections, capsules, soft gels, injections, infusions, ointments, syrups, eye and ear drops. All our products are ISO and GMP certified and W.H.O compliant.

Extensive Experience

Zylig Lifesciences is one of the best PCD pharma companies in Ambala, we have experience of more than 30 years in pharmaceutical industry. Operating Manufacturing units and having more than 700 products in our PCD portfolio, we encourage distributors and other companies to add multiple products for sale, maximising their sale and thus profits.

End to End Support

At Zylig Lifesciences, we have in house design, research and marketing team which guides our prospective clients from product and packing design, logo and visual aid design to marketing guidance. Our dedicated Third Party Manufacturing team makes sure that they address any and all concerns so that your business and product transition is very easy with us .

Product Quality and Efficacy

We operate W.H.O, ISO and GMP certified manufacturing units, our extensive experience in pharmaceutical Industry has helped us realise that product efficacy and quality matters the most in the long run and helps in stabilising the product in the market. We operate on a set business ethics and guide our clients the same to maintain the best product quality.

Ease of Business

when you decide to get a product manufactured, it becomes our responsibility to get the product to you on time , we do a very transparent business and inform all our clients about the timeline, they will receive the product. Inventory and packing costs if any and minimum order quantity.

Start your Pharmaceutical business with Zylig Lifesciences either in Monopoly Based PCD pharma Franchise or get your products manufactured in Third Party and reap the benefits of our 30 years of Pharmaceutical Experience